Easy to install. Open 24/7.

Fresh food
self-service takeaway

Awayter is an autonomous kiosk for fresh food that allows food services to increase sales and margins by automating and digitalizing takeaway

Panel mount and compact solution

The 1st panel mount kiosk in the market with vandal proof design.The patented design reduces the required volume by up to 70% over existing alternatives.A capacity of up to 120 refrigerated products in less than 1 m2.

Customer centered experience

  • Easy to use

  • Promotions and discounts

  • Meals information

  • Multi-language and multi-ordering

  • Contact-less payment

Smart remote management

  • Real-time sales and stocks

  • Consumption predictions

  • Automatic price optimization based on demand and expiration date

  • Customer pre-ordering and referrals

Increase sales & margins

  • Operational 24/7

  • Increase sales capacity

  • Reduce queues

  • No commissions

  • Increase ticket & repetition

Digitalize your service

  • Happy customers

  • Customer database

  • Remote control

  • AI optimizations

  • Food expiration control

Sustainability commitment

  • Reduce delivery logistics

  • Reduce left over food

  • NGOs collaboration

  • Biodegradable trays

  • Reverse vending

About us

Awayter started with the aim to help one of the hardest hit industries in the recent years. Our mission is to help food companies increase sales and profitability while minimizing environmental impact and providing the best experience for their customers.

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